Fundraising Toolkit

Fundraising Toolkit

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Are you ready? We are all in!

We have all the tools you need to get to the finish line! Your BMO Ride for Cancer experience is about more than just a one-day ride – a fundraising minimum of $1,000 per rider is part of the journey.

With our collection of resources, graphics, tips and templates – reaching your goal is easier than you might think! The tools below help promote your personal campaign in the fight against cancer. Below, you will find everything from logos, to customized banners for your social platforms and top fundraising ideas.

Click the image you wish to share on social media and a new tab will open, right-click to save the image to your computer. Don’t forget to include a link to your fundraising page when sharing with your community!

Fundraising Tips and Ideas

There are so many ways to engage your community and reach your fundraising goals before BMO Ride Day! During this time of social distancing, we’ve outlined some fantastic virtual fundraising ideas to get your wheels turning and help you make the greatest impact possible on cancer patients and their families, here at home.

The ideas below are turnkey fundraising strategies. More information on how to set these fundraisers up and engage your community around the cause is just a click away!

Donation Ask Email Templates

For Rider

For Virtual Community Crusader


Use the forms below to collect offline donations and pledges. Once the forms are complete, drop them off at the QEII Foundation office at 5657 Spring Garden Road Park Lane Mall, Suite 3005, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3R4.

Donation Forms

Download and print the donation form below.

Pledge Forms

Download and print the pledge form below.

How-to Videos

Your participant centre is a great place to spread the word about your Ride.

How to customize your fundraising page

How to change your Fundraising Goal

How to copy your Fundraising Page URL

How to manually Join a Team

How to Thank Donors by email

How to Donate to a team

How to Add more images

How to Thank Donors on Social Media

How to change Background image

How to run an online auction

An auction is a great way to kick-start your fundraising efforts. This how-to guide will show you the steps to creating and running a successful online auction.

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