Hundreds of Riders will take part in this year’s Ride for Cancer powered by BMO Bank of Montreal event on October 3, each one with their own unique story and reason to Ride. Our Ride community is full of champions – some that lend their stories to the media to inspire the community, some that lend their faces to bus murals to build awareness, and hundreds of others behind the scenes – sharing their story in unique ways within their own community pockets.

This is the power of this event, and the power of community.

One Rider, who will remain anonymous, is a cancer survivor who is fundraising and sharing his story quietly and intimately, among his circle of friends and family. This Rider is working within his network and raising significant funds that will ensure the QEII’s cancer centre has the best treatment options available, here at home.

Nearly three years ago, he was told that he’d never be well enough to work again, and that he should get his affairs in order. He received a devastating Stage 4, terminal cancer diagnosis. This is the kind of news that no one could ever expect. As a working professional, and someone striving to advance their career – this Riders’ life changed in an instant.

He says, “Thanks to the incredible people involved in my cancer treatment and care at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, and the tremendous support of friends and family, I’m still here, and I recently started a great new job.”

His treatment was effective and his life has been forever changed. “I went from looking at things short term and feeling like I didn’t have enough time, to doors in my life being completely open again”.

He also credits the support system around him, saying, “The effect of people supporting each other is the most powerful thing. Even something as simple as reaching out to see how someone is doing, checking in on them and showing you care – it can go a long way. People in my life reached out in the most thoughtful ways – family, friends, even people living in my building.”

This Rider is now living life with a whole new purpose. Sayings like “Don’t sweat the small stuff” or “Take things as they come” really resonate. His outlook on life has been repositioned.

This Rider has already smashed his fundraising goal and will continue to raise funds right up until event day on October 3. His story is a reminder that we never know what people are going through or working on behind the scenes – there are healthcare champions all around us, and we can be grateful for that. He says, “I received phenomenal care at the QEII, and am thankful to be able to do my part in giving back to advance care for others.”

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